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The Fleetwoods Music Fest was a great way for Young Folks and their Food Alchemy branch to share delicious food, spread the word about love, life, and abundance, and even sell a few seedlings and saved seeds (Blue Lake Pole beans for next season, yum!). With great folk music, friendly and interested customers, and sunlight beaming down, this was quite the beauty fest. More Young Folks events to come, and soon! So stay tuned. 

Registration Pushed Back to July 16!

Young Folks Farm Camp provides an immense creative learning experience centered around urban agriculture. Ages 6-12 are welcome and session sizes are capped at 20 to ensure your child receives maximum interaction during activities that range from planting seeds and harvesting vegetables, to creating art and garden ornaments. Special activities will include puppet making for the younger kids and chances to design their own garden for older children; locally renowned Master Gardener Milli Macen Moore will guest teach an activity; and finally, the kids will be treated to a field trip to Soledad Goats Farm to visit with goats and watch how cheese is made. They have a compassionate and no kill policy, so vegans need not be repulsed!

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